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Friday, June 15, 2012

Some weeks are better than others!

Sometimes the best laid plans just aren't gonna happen.  This has been a challenging week and so some of our plans didn't pan out.  One child was throwing up on Tuesday, and another one was throwing up this morning.  In between Tuesday and Friday I was really not feeling well.  Hopefully we have gotten it out of our system.  I am writing this to encourage you in case you've had a challenging week too!  Make sure you are making time for yourself so that you are equipped to deal with the days that are a bit harder.  As my sweet friend Jamey put it, bein a momma aint for sissies!  That is sooooo true and I hear that advice in my head constantly.   

However, we did explode sandwich bags (it is a very fast experiement but they loved it), make lava lamps (they loved that one too), visit the library for a magic show, get Father's Day stuff ready (each child got to pick a place to get a $5 gift card to go spend a date with dad), have a play date, and go to football camp.  So the week wasn't half bad with all of its challenges.  We were planning on going on the Grapevine Friday Fun Train today but we will save that for another day.  :) 

Finally, set your kids up to entertain themselves well for the days when you are just exhausted or not feeling well.  We have lots of books at the ready, many workbooks for them to go through (they love workbooks), a few computer games that we all like to play together, sports equipment galore outside, and a table with all kinds of paper, markers, and crayons for them to create beautiful pieces of work :).  Between all of those things, the kids have gotten pretty good at entertaining themselves when we are having a slower day. 

Have a Fantastic weekend!!!

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